Camping Bruny Island: A Complete Guide
22 October 2021
Tasmania is a sparkling shell of natural beauty, and Bruny Island is the pearl that sits inside. Bruny...
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Free Camping in Tasmania
16 October 2021
free camping in tasmania: a brief introduction Tasmania is an island vibrating with history. It features...
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The 10 day Tasmania Itinerary for Culture Seekers
05 October 2021
Tasmania is a wonderfully idyllic island. An Australian territory, it lies roughly 240km to the south...
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Festivals in Cuba: Literature, Cigars and Music
30 September 2021
Cuba; a country branded by the irons of revolution and made famous by music, cigars and literature. Where...
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Birding in Spain: The Ultimate Guide
23 September 2021
A geographically diverse jewel in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is perhaps one of the best countries in...
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Campsites in Namibia: A Brief Guide
15 September 2021
Campsites in Namibia are manifold. In fact, most visitors to the country say that camping is the preferred...
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Festivals in Kenya: Food, Music and Dance
14 September 2021
The mighty land of Kenya has been the subject of many an explorer’s bucket list. Vast swathes of...
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Costa Rica 10 Day Itinerary: Relaxing, Active and Cultural
10 September 2021
Dear Reader, am I safe to assume that you are intrigued by Costa Rica? A country full of mysterious jungle,...
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Backpacking Kenya: A Cultural Guide
02 September 2021
Dear reader, I’m going to assume that your virtual presence here is down to this: you, at the very...
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Edzna Ruins: A Complete Guide for the curious traveller
27 August 2021
Much like the ruins of Pomona, Edzna ruins get far fewer visitors than the nearby Uxmal ruins or Chichén...
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