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Free camping in Tasmania - feature image

Free Camping in Tasmania

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free camping in tasmania: a brief introduction Tasmania is an island vibrating with history. It features some of our planet’s most beautiful natural landscapes, where…

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Salvador da Bahia

Salvador is one of the most culturally satiated cities in the world. Capital of the North eastern state of Bahia, and the first capital of Brazil, the colonial city sits atop an 85ft escarpment that affords any visitor a transcendent view over the Bay of all Saints. To learn more about Salvador, take a look at our dedicated page, here.

Salvador da Bahia
Matthew CS

Hi, I’m Matthew, the owner of Cultural Scribbles.

If you’re here then what I hope is that you are excited by cultural travel. In my capacity as a journalist and (occasional) fiction writer, it has been my decision to shine a light on history, culture, politics and human rights stories from around the globe.

I started Cultural Scribbles as a way to share the culture and history that I have been fortunate enough to discover through travel. I believe that learning about the world, and all the pillars of civilization within it, can infuse colour into one’s life. And immersive travel, to me, is the best way to go about doing that.

whilst I will try to offer practical guidance for visiting places of cultural and historical significance, this blog will mostly be dedicated to learning for learning’s sake.

My desire with Cultural Scribbles is simple: I want everyone, everywhere, to have equal and uncompromised access to the history, culture and politics that shapes our world.